Harnessing the power of referrals through positive feedback

Harnessing the power of referrals through positive feedback

As a small business owner, you know the value of personal recommendations. Positive feedback, especially visible Google reviews, significantly influences decision-making. At EBA Chartered Accountants, we see referral marketing as an untapped resource for business growth.

Why Focus on Referral Marketing?

Referrals are powerful. Nielsen reports that 83% of consumers trust recommendations from their network more than any form of advertising. Furthermore, a strong online presence, including positive Google reviews, can increase conversion rates substantially.

Understanding Business Referrals

Business referrals occur when someone you know—be it a client, a colleague, or a friend—recommends your services to a new prospect. Leveraging satisfied customers through strategic referral campaigns enhances this process, boosted further by stellar online reviews.

Implementing an Effective Referral Strategy

Three key steps are involved.

1. Identify ‘key connectors’: pinpoint influential individuals in your network – we all have certain customers who refer more business to us than others; these are your ‘key advocates’

2. Build strong relationships: doing this will turn more of your customer base into advocates for your business.

3. Encourage referrals: consider offering an introducer fee or other form of reward.

Maximising Referrals for Higher ROI

Proactive referral efforts yield better returns:

  • Expand your influence through the social circles of your referrers.
  • Warm introductions lead to more receptive prospects.
  • Public endorsements via Google reviews enhance credibility.
  • Ensure robust systems are in place to manage new leads effectively and consistently deliver on your promises.

Practical Tips to Boost Referrals

These ten practical steps are well worth implementing to see your referrals skyrocket.

  1. Communicate regularly: use newsletters or social media to remind customers why they chose you.
  2. Educate on offerings: after successful engagements, inform customers about other services.
  3. Leverage positive feedback: encourage satisfied customers to leave Google reviews to enhance online trust.
  4. Simplify the referral process: provide easy-to-use referral forms on your website.
  5. Diversify advocacy options: offer alternatives like reviews or case studies if customers hesitate to refer directly.
  6. Time your ask: choose moments when customers are delighted with your service.
  7. Create shareable content: distribute engaging content that customers can share.
  8. Form strategic partnerships: collaborate with complementary businesses for mutual benefits.
  9. Treat contacts as partners: networking can uncover unexpected opportunities.
  10. Keep Your LinkedIn updated: Use LinkedIn for maintaining connections and discovering new ones.


Act today

Implement these strategies to transform how you attract business. A robust referral program not only secures new customers but also strengthens existing relationships.

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