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Investor relief – better than BADR

This was introduced in April 2016 and is similar to business asset disposal relief (BADR) in that it results in a lower rate of capital

Sub-branding – why and how?

Imagine you’re at a networking event with your well-established customers—these are the individuals who know and trust your main brand. Across the room, however, there

Dressing staff tax-efficiently!

Since 6 April 2016, gifts to employees which are “trivial” (cost the employer of no more than £50) are free of tax and national insurance

Staff training – avoid the tax pitfall!

Make sure that your company pays for staff training (and get the invoices for training made out to the company). This is better than directors

Inspiring staff creativity

Rewarding staff for their ideas and suggestions is a great way of motivating them, but what if you could do it in a way that

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